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jeremy walla

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My design work has been focused primarily in the areas of interactive design and brand development. I have been Creative Director of three different web development companies. I have worked with and managed some incredible people, and I have worked with some incredible clients. I have also taught both full-time and part-time as an adjunct instructor at the college level. This cumulative experience has afforded me the opportunity to more concisely define who it is that I want to be both professionally and personally, and it has given me perspective and capabilities that are truly unique.

After 22 years in this field providing clients with fine design and interactive development, I decided it was time to focus on my other creative outlets. ImageGrinder, the design and development company I owned and ran in Kansas City, is no longer active.

My focus will instead be on illustration, painting, and any other creative endeavor that strikes my fancy. I'm not certain what that will look like, but I will try to make certain this website reflects whatever it may be.

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